Ladies Bible Study

Join us each Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:00 at the On Wings Office for Ladies Bible study, including prayer, encouragement, fellowship and fun! The minute you step on the porch at the On Wings Office, you will know you’re in a special place. A place of acceptance, a safe place for sharing, and a place that the Lord has ordained.

Our next study begins Tuesday, October 6 at 12:30.  Lead by Janelle Siebsen.  Before we had to cancel our Ladies Retreat this year because of Covid, Janelle was to be our speaker. You will be blessed by her leading this study.

The only fee is $10.00 for the study guide.

undefinedTuesday, October 6, 2020.  Join us at 12:30, you’ll be glad you did!

Trace the path of Joseph’s life in the Book of Genesis to observe how God’s sovereignty reigns, even in our darkest moments. Learn to recognize when God is working during periods of waiting, trust God’s plan when life doesn’t make sense, and rest in the sufficiency of His presence in every circumstance. His provision is enough, His presence is constant, and His purpose is unstoppable. (8 session)